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Successful execution of your M&A integration



Research shows that most mergers and acquisitions fail to meet the expectations set for them. Despite the best intentions, deals often fall short when the time comes to begin translating carefully developed strategy into the right mix of people, process, and technology.

However, smart buyers can take steps to improve their odds. Perhaps most important is to ensure a fast-paced integration that makes early use of disciplined planning, a well coordinated launch, and a relentless focus on the key value drivers behind the deal. By understanding the seven fundamental tenets of successful integration you can minimize disruptions and achieve desired synergies.

Topics covered:
1. Why integrations are so critical in achieving deal success
2. Pitfalls to watch out for during your integration process
3. Applying the seven fundamental tenets to a successful integration

Join us on November 15 to learn the seven tenets of success integration and how to use them to maximize your benefits.

  • Gregg Nahass, Partner, US and Global M&A Integration Leader, PwC
  • Joseph P Balog, Principal, M&A Integration, PwC
  • Lev Holubec, Principal, M&A Integration, PwC
  • David Baral, Director, US People and Change M&A, PwC

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15 November 2012
1:00pm - 2:00pm ET
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Jared Bernstein