Join PwC for a webcast on Thursday, November 15 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm (EST) to find out what companies can do now to work toward reducing costs and increasing the value of their compliance efforts.

Companies, like yours, are facing a whole host of regulatory compliance requirements. Some are emerging and may have limited direction and others are long-standing with significant program spend and minimal, if any, noticeable benefits to your organization. In addition to placing a focus on cost reduction, many current compliance initiatives are more strategic and seek organizational improvement with compliance spend/efforts. Identifying ways to improve your program(s) to meet these goals begins with knowing your regulatory environment, identifying synergies in the activities already performed, and developing more extensive information-gathering practices. Amending the mission of your compliance activities from a "cost of doing business" to a means for doing business more efficiently, can ultimately reduce the time expended and amount of money that is currently being left on the table.

PwC's Risk Assurance Innovation Team will be joined by a panel of executives from Manulife Financial and Booz Allen Hamilton, as they share perspectives on the challenges of making compliance programs more strategic and cost effective.

Executive panel members:
  • Kevin Askew, Vice President, Manulife Financial
  • Jay Meriwether, Director of Internal Audit, Booz Allen Hamilton
PwC speakers:
  • Court Maton, Partner, Risk Assurance
  • Joseph DeVita, Partner, Risk Assurance
  • Brian Brown, Principal, Risk Assurance Innovations Center
We hope you can join PwC for this webcast so that we can share ideas on how others and how you can also navigate your compliance program from costly to cost effective!

Webcast information
15 November 2012
12:00pm - 1:30pm ET/
9:00am - 10:30am PT
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Patricia Cevasco
(973) 236 4553
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